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What Features Do Law Firms Have In Common? For instance, you come across with a personal injury case; it is inevitable if you feel a little bit scared during your first visit to a law firm. There are numerous features that law firms have in common, regardless of the size of their business. Some of the common qualities that most law firms have are as follows: structure of their personnel, some protocols that they have as well as the layout of their firms. There is not much to worry in dealing with personal injury lawyers for they will make sure their clients feel at ease and comfortable during the consultation and other processes in their case. The Law Firm’s Layout Layout for firms may vary but there are some common features among them. For smaller law firms they have a reception area wherein clients will be able to relax and wait for their turn. There are also firms that are quite big hence they have lobby wherein a personnel will just guide the clients to the office that they are looking for. More often, personal injury lawyers have their own office and an access to conference rooms. Of course the style that firms have vary but more likely most prefer those traditional and elegant look on their office.
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The Structure of The Personnel (General)
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Apart from the lawyers, firms should also obtain competent personnel which calls for fair standards in choosing them is a must. The receptionist should be able to manifest a comforting and amiable aura so that the clients will not feel uneasy. It is also a must for firms to have a competent paralegal support and legal secretaries for they will be the one in charge in gathering significant information about the case and preparing the needed documents. There are certain tasks that only lawyers can do such as the giving of legal advice, signing of pleadings, appearing as a counsel and of course determining the legal fees. When it comes to law firms, partner and associate are two terms with a very different meaning, partner serve as a share – holder of the firm while the associate is one of the employees on your firm. Consultants And Their Job In Law Firms There are some instances wherein a law firm will seek the help of consultants for a particular personal injury case. If there are too much work to do, consultants can help them alleviate the work load and provide some information that attorneys are not aware of. Some of the usual things that consultants do are as follows: prepare written statements, provide expert testimony in court, clarify evidence and provide background knowledge on a particular case. There are some consultants who are actually lawyers who became an expert of a particular case because of the experiences that they have in dealing with that case.

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