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Why Are the Data Breach Lawsuits Still Unavoidable in the Future?

Despite employing the best security measures, your company is still not a hundred percent safe from nation-state actors, hackers, and cyber criminals.

With technology’s advancements, do expect security and cybercrime to advance as well. So, should every company be prepared with data breach lawsuits?

What does data breach encompass?

A data breach is a situation wherein your personal data are being accessed, retrieved, or viewed illegally by a person with the use of certain services or applications. It is the type of security breach where one’s data is stolen and then published into an illegal location or an unsecured one.

So, what are the latest data breach news?

Between the 27th of November and the 15th of December in the year 2013, the popular store, Target, became victim of data breach just as the busy holiday season is fast approaching.

It was found that 40 million debit and credit cards have stolen personal information.

Investigators of the said case discovered that it was the payment terminals where the thieves were able to install a software to steal vital information. Such payment terminals are used by clients when they check out by swiping in their payment cards.

In the United States, all of the 1797 store branches of Target have been affected greatly.

By the end of the year of 2013, 15 lawsuits have been filed ensuring to seek millions of dollars in exchange for the damage that was done. With how vast the harm has resulted, it is not surprising that even the Department of Justice have made efforts to dig the case even more.

A lot of major data breach cases external that occurred within the past years have not faced some time in the court because though they are of class action, they are just settled.

This happens because most likely the company that has been breached had not enough defense just like the incident of Target. To avoid the media spotlight, most companies prefer settlements because it helps them get on with the case quickly.

So, what should one expect with data breaches in the future?

According to majority of reports, data breach incidents as well as their corresponding lawsuits are increasing from 25 to 30% per year.

Well known lawsuits such as those involved with Home Depot, eBay, and Target have gained a lot of attention to the issue at hand. Even one Rhode Island lawyer claimed that more lawsuits of this issue are sure to come with the increasing efforts of defense lawyers to find more liability angles.

So, which person must you seek some help if you have stumbled upon a data breach scenario?

If you have stumbled upon a data breach case, then it is a must to only seek help from the best data breach lawyers. Data breach lawyers are capable of formulating data breach responses, advising and protecting companies that have become data breach victims, and protecting one from being liable with data breach.

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